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Hosting Services

Hosting Services


  • Rex's filesharing - No pornography, malware or other illegal content according to Bangladeshi law!
  • TorShare - 2GB file upload limit. No illegal files. Server encrypts filenames. Allows zip and rar files.
  • Sky Fortress - Open source, upload and download encrypted files.
  • The Onion Cloud - Tor/ownCloud based cloud. Login/Pass: public/public.
  • TOR Upload Service - Allows files up to ~10GB, uses javascript/flash.
  • Onion Fileshare - 2GB Upload file size limit. Upload any files you want. [DOWN ??/??/13 Gives a warning about this site distributing underage pornography Onion.To issues the warning.]
  • ES Simple Uploader - Upload images, docs and other files. 2 MiB upload limit.
  • sTORage - Upload files. Has WebDAV support. It is being taken down. Please move any files you may host there.
  • Onionweb filehosting - ~100mb file size limit, only accepts archive files; no illegal files.

Image Hosting


Web Hosting

View the Webhost Comparison for a bit more information.

  • Web Hosting � Web Hosting - PHP5, MySQL, SFTP Access, .onion Domain. 24 hours free hosting.
  • TorShops - Get your own .onion store with full bitcoin integration.
  • Rex's hosting, V3 - Free anonymous webhosting
  • Liberty's Hackers Service and Hosting Provider in onionland - php5/mysql support - request considered on a case by case. site in construction since a lot of time but services working
  • TorVPS Shells -- Free torified shell accounts, can be used for .onion hosting, IRC, etc.
  • Prometheus_Hidden_Services - Payed hosting, provides Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Linux.
  • darknet design � web design (HTML, CSS, PHP) plus graphics design and a few other things.
  • Chen Hosting - Low-cost, secure, onion and I2P web hosting.
  • DARKHOST - Anonymous VPS hosting with root SSH access for $10-20 a year.
  • Freedom Hosting II - Anonymous Freehosting with PHP/MySQL Support.




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